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Forward Curves monthly subscriptions from $350 PCM

Electricity Derivatives and Environmental Products data and information service

We provide independent end of day pricing for the products below. We are a subscription based service where for a monthly fee clients can both receive end of day pricing emails and have access to our online web/phone database. We know that not all clients need all of the information we provide, accordingly we have multiple levels of subscription whereby you only pay for the data you want. It may be only environmental products, only electricity swaps, only electricity swaptions, only price alerts or only types of data within a product, the choice is yours.

Please contact us at  for a 30 day free trial / subscription price quote /more information

Products we cover.

  •  Electricity swaps (peak, off peak, base)
  •  Electricity caps (peak, off peak, base)
  •  AFMA contracts/ (electricity contracts with carbon implied) (peak, off peak, base)
  •  Implied carbon pricing
  •  All environmental products, ESCs, VEECs, STCs and LGCs
  •  Swaption prices and implied volatility
  •  Quarterly/Calendar/Fin years/Jan-Jun/Jul-Dec/April-Dec/ out to 2019

Once subscribed you can

1)    Receive a daily email with end of day prices for

2)    Use the webapp cloud version of our data base

  • Make a query. Example
  • Produce a chart and save it to PDF or excel. Example
  • Download a data series in CSV/excel. Example
  • Save any regularly viewed data to favourites Example
  • Set up alerts on any product so you can receive an email should your watched products price move into a specified range Example

Webapp Usage Examples

Data Queries




CSV Data




Automatic Alerts