Environmental Products

Founded in 2010, High Voltage Brokers is a leading energy broker across the entire Renewable Energy Market which includes:

  • Large Scale Renewable Energy target certificates (LGC’s)
  • Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme certificates (STC’s)
  • NSW, VIC and QLD Energy efficiency schemes (ESC’s VEEC’s, GEC’s)
  • Carbon Farming Initiative certificates (ACCU’s)
  • European Union Allowances (EUA’s) and Kyoto compliant Certified Emission Reduction Units (CER’s)

High Voltage Brokers provides a full and comprehensive service across all sectors of the energy market, our extensive customer base includes many of the country’s energy producers and retailers, as well as financial intermediaries in the form of investment banks and private equity and hedge funds both locally and from overseas.

High Voltage Brokers’ growth includes expanding further into future market opportunities, namely International Carbon, Coal and Water.

Being a full service broker, High Voltage Brokers operates its network from offices located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane ensuring full coverage across the region with expert staff who have extensive local knowledge and energy markets experience.
For over 20 years, we have worked passionately to bring the best services to clients. Our single discipline is putting client needs at the centre of everything we do.